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Charter of Kazan

The City of Kazan Charter is a normative legal act regulating the organization and activities of local self-government bodies in the city of Kazan, the activities and duties of officials. This document establishes economic, property, land, and other relations on the territory of Kazan.

General provisions of the Charter outline a concept of the city's territory, symbolism, City Day, and division into districts. The Charter specifies a list of issues of local importance, which include the formation and adhering to the city budget, the modification and establishment of local taxes, the maintenance and construction of highways, the creation of libraries, and others.

A separate chapter of the Charter is devoted to the participation of the population in matters of local self-government through elections, referendums, voting, and other organized forms. The subsequent chapters describe the structure and the order of local self-government bodies’ work. Also, there are rights, duties, status and powers of the Mayor of the city, the City Duma, the Executive Committee, the Control and Accounting Chamber, and the Election Commission, municipal legal acts, the budget process, and finances of Kazan.

Changes and additions can be made to the Charter. The Mayor of Kazan, the deputies of the City Duma, the head of the Executive Committee, and initiative groups of citizens can submit proposals for the revision of the Charter. Public hearings are held for the citizens before making changes and additions to the Charter.