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03.02.2021, 10:44

In 10 years, 26 comfortable parks and squares with an area of 258 ha have been created in Kazan

Currently, parks and squares occupy 432 ha in the capital of Tatarstan.

From 2011 to 2020, 26 public spaces were landscaped in Kazan and their total area was increased by 258 hectares. Today, there are 145 parks and squares with a total area of 432 ha in the capital of Tatarstan. Last year, 10 public spaces were landscaped. Igor Kulyazhev, deputy head of the Executive Committee- chair of the Land Improvement Committee, reported this to the head of the Executive Committee Rustem Gafarov.

Large-scale works were carried out as part of the second stage of improvement of the embankment of Lake Kaban, I.Kulyazhev reminded. A comfortable public space with a barbecue area, a new rowing school building, and new areas for pedestrians and cyclists were opened for citizens to the City and Republic Day.

Improvement work has also been carried out at the Black Lake park, where the number of green spaces has been increased, and the Lovers ' Arch has been restored.

The number of well-maintained public spaces in 2020 included the square in front of the Railway Workers’ cultural center, the park near the Said-Galiev cultural center, the slopes at the former Kazan national cultural center. On the embankment, which extended to the Millennium Bridge, there were a street stage and an amphitheater, mini-golf and volleyball courts, multifunctional green areas. In addition, the park with the monument to Mustai Karim, the boulevard near the Chulpan cultural center, the site at the monument to the soldier-liberator in Victory Park and the Uram extreme park have been landscaped.

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